The sensory casino: bring gaming to your company

Place your bets… The sensory casino is a sure-fire jackpot!

Equipe autour d'une table lors d'une activité teambuilding Casino du vin

An entertaining concept that’s a sure bet

The sensory casino is an entertainment option that will awaken your inner gambler, whether it’s for a staff party, cocktail dinner, corporate event or team-building session. This activity allows you to place bets and accumulate chips for an auction full of twists and turns, and also features a tasting of various products (wine, beer, champagne, chocolate and more), a show, humour and lots of fun. Luck, laughter and a challenge await!







Wine casino

From 15 to 300 people
1H to 2H

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Wine casino, 3 games table

From 10 to 200 people
1H to 2H

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Homme versant un verre de vin à l'aveugle lors d'un teambuilding

Sensory casino

From 12 to 300 people
1H to 2H

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Entertainment for the senses

You must use all of your senses – from taste and smell to hearing, sight and even touch – to bet and win.

  • Sight – Watch, understand and play. Stage one for your tasting: soak in what you can see, whether it’s in your glass, on your plate or on the games table.
  • Smell – Smell, guess and identify. After your eyes, your nose joins in on the fun! Use your olfactory memory to identify these aromas, which will awaken emotions and stir excitement in you.
  • Taste – Taste, guess and savour. Our tasting experts help you to (re)discover different flavours through these activities. Your taste buds are stimulated, whether you are blindfolded or trying to identify aromas.
  • Hearing – Listen, connect and win. When it comes to placing a successful bet, every detail counts. Our experts provide advice and clues, starting with the instructions and all the way through the introductory tasting session. It’s up to you to figure them all out.
  • Touch – Handle, brush and touch. Each tasting arouses feelings and perceptions, whether through taste or touch. Discover products that are smooth, full-bodied, light and more.

Do you want to embark on an adventure? Ready…? Steady!

Our casino comes to you to make life easier, whether that’s your offices, a rented room or outdoors. Our team supports you anywhere in Belgium or Luxembourg, to create fun and action-packed experiences.

Passionate and inspiring experts!

Ready Steady is a team of passionate experts, all of whom specialise in one or more tasting products. In addition to a funny and action-packed activity, you get a real opportunity to share and we will offer a host of advice, anecdotes and useful tips! How do you identify aromas and the characteristics of a high-quality product? How do you enhance it in the kitchen? What pairings work? Learn all this and much more in a game that blends fun and education.


One activity and multiple opportunities

Are you an event company or a conference hotel? Do you want to offer your clients the chance to enjoy our casinos? Let’s work together to create an unforgettable experience and a sure-fire success.

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