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Is your company looking to organise a team-building activity, an escape game, a tasting or a casino night? Ready Steady offers a wide range of bespoke entertainment options. Check out our ideas and let us help you organise an unforgettable event

Team-building activities

Our motto? A friendly, festive atmosphere – guaranteed. Discover our tasting-themed team-building activities. Wine, champagne, beer, cocktails, cheese or chocolate – awaken your employees’ senses and improve team spirit.

Escape games

Do you prefer solving puzzles and figuring out clues against the clock? Ready Steady offers a collection of fun and educational escape games. Between tasting delicious products and sharing knowledge, our events are sure to delight all your colleagues.


Tasting a fine wine or an expertly mixed cocktail is an art. Learn to identify flavours, aromas and mouthfeel and discover the rich aromas of a high-quality product. Browse our various tasting options and find the perfect one for you.

The sensory casino

Laughter, luck and challenges: that’s what’s on the menu with our casinos. Look, smell, taste, listen and touch – and then place your bets! Our sensory casino offers an exceptional show and prizes for big winners.

Entertainment for events

Is your company looking to organise a party, product launch, cocktail party, seminar, staff party or family day? Hire a professional entertainment company to provide the entertainment. Let’s develop a fun and festive activities programme together and make your event unforgettable.

About Ready Steady

Our entertainment company specialises in crafting experiences and uses its creativity to design fun and unique team-building activities for you. Our entertainment options are managed by Vanessa, our director, and a team of passionate experts and will (re)awaken your senses by offering a thousand and one flavours for you to enjoy. Let’s inspire emotions together.

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